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Why Choose us

Increase Power & Torque

Engine Health

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Certified Engineers

30 days money back guarantee

Black Code is nationally recognised as the UK’s leading authority on vehicle tuning and ECU remapping. Unlike many competitors, Black Code remaps are custom written in-house in the UK and with information taken from your individual vehicle it can be tuned/upgraded to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both. All upgrades are undertaken by fully trained factory technicians ensuring the safest, most reliable and efficient upgrades.


What is Remap?

We know that “ECU Remapping” probably sounds unbelievably complicated and whilst it is an extremely advanced technology, the principal is actually incredibly simple. It is just the modern day equivalent of tuning your engine. All vehicles manufactured since 1999 are controlled by an on-board computer, which is known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

The ECU controls a multitude of different engine functions such as ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure. Within this computer a file stores the manufacturers’ settings that have been fixed to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to comply with emission targets, cope with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals

How is it done?

How we carry our a Remap?

Firstly, our trained technician ascertains the suitability of the vehicle for a remap and downloads a copy of the unique existing file on your car’s ECU. 

This file is then immediately uploaded to our head office where a personalised tune/upgrade is developed for your individual vehicle.

Then, within the hour, the remapped file is sent back to our technician who then uploads the file back onto your vehicle’s ECU. 

Lastly, we then carry out various quality tests.

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Why Choose Us

  • Increase power and torque
  • Engine Health
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Certified Engineers
  • 30 Days money back guarantee

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